Monday, September 19, 2005

Season Over?

Aiyo, I have to praise that team!!. They won all 50-50 balls, their players had more hunger. They deserved to win. First time since the Premiership, they are the better team.

VDS was excellent, what a buy. Running out to intercept long passes, making wonderful saves. He was perfect.

Kieran is so so only. He was better than OShea trying to do overlapping runs and making his crosses.
O Shea is not good enough. He is perharps OK in central defence but no use going up. Gary Neville's crosses was sorely missed. OShea can't play a slick passing game. He always stops the ball, seemingly not knowing what to do. Silvestre sometimes passes to the opponent. He keeps on giving long balls cos the midfield can't do it.
Ferdinand was spotless. How come he can jump higher than Crouch.

Keane and Smith are a disappointment. They can't play the quick passing game. Always passing the ball back to the defenders. Scholes was another disappointment, always being dispossessed.
Ronaldo was my best attacker. Seemingly able to skip two defenders with ease. Rooney was quiet, no misbehaving. I liked the way the Liverpool players shaked his hand as he left. Ruud nearly scored but had no service.
United's injury list, aiyo. It is over. But I will support you ever more.

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