Tuesday, August 02, 2005


One hour bicycle trainer at the gym.


I have decided to stop seeing Mr Praba. Its been 12 visits (rm300-400 spent).
There is the best web-site yet www.heelspurs.com which has got a tremendous amount of advice on heel spurs /planta fasciitis. Amongst the things to do are:

1. Religous stretching of the CALF.
2. Regular icing.
3. Possible vigorous massage (be careful)
4. Walk on the HEEL not forefoot.
5. Cycle using the heel not ball. I suppose spinning.
6. Don't do squats in the gym
7. Use high heel shoes, not flat shoes. Use shoes with flexible soles.
8. No surgery (50 % failure rate), in fact can get worse.
9. Sports tape ,(later)

I am still reading the thing.


I think Fergie should buy him. We have a problem with scoring. Smith can play in the middle. Our play has been OK. Just no finishing.

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