Monday, August 08, 2005

Sunday 7 Aug 2005

Not quite party time.....

It was a "crowd", Dr Tan, Dr Hon, Japanese Sam, Chew and me at Pekan Batu 14.
I only went with the group up to top of Genting Peres. I took a handphone photo of the water sprouting at Batu 24 and reported it (that was my highlight of the ride).
The Group went down to Kuala Kelawang, turned back, then turned to Pertang. They got back around 4.30 p.m., I understand some had a hard time.
I turned back at Genting Peres, back to Pekan 14 through Tekali hill. I wanted to spend time with my wife who was going back to her home in Thailand.
So my ride was just 2 hrs 40 mins.

In the afternoon, went swimming with Joo Ngan at his apartment. I actually like him a lot. His swim is not bad (for a non swimmer), but it can be improved by:

1. Bending the elbow. Common beginners mistake, the elbow drops because the shoulder is the fulcrum (big mistake).

2. Making his palm flat. (close fingers)

3. Pushing his stroke all the way to the end.

4. Closing his legs (thay are open and DROP). His legs acts as a break.

5. Joo Ngan needs to swim "downhill". i.e. head and chest down (like going downhill) so that his legs and body go up.

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