Monday, August 15, 2005

EPL Week 1

Man U won, so did its rivals. It will be a hard season. No one can loose.

The first half was frightening. When Marcus Bent went on, Everton hit the post, VDS did a brilliant point blank save etc. The Everton team changed when they let in two goals. Is footbal in the mind?

VDS as I've blogged before is the best goalie for MU since the Great Dane. There is calmness at the back and he can save shots too. This is a very important signing.

PARK JI SUNG is a good signing. Perharps the best Asian to play in the EPL. He keeps on chasing /running, has tenacity, doesn't moan (probably can't understand), intelligent, changes direction quickly. He doesn't finish as well as Ruud though. I think Park is better than the present Giggs. There were many initial doubters (including me), but this guy is there on merit.
Its refreshing, Man U made two good signings unlike two years ago.

RUUD is back to his best. Even though all his goals are in front of the goal, why can't others do it. So so sharp. Man U failed last season because Ruud was not available / did not play well. Now we will see.

ROONEY's goal was not easy. It was spot on. What a player. With Rooney, Ruud and Ronaldo, United have three gems. Are three gems enough against two top teams that Chelsea can anytime field? Wait for May 2006.

SCHOLES has signed a new contract, good.

KEANE is aging. He keeps it simple. Gave the ball away once though, but saved United on another occassion.

The weak point is the centre of midfield. Fletcher seems too nice a guy. I think I prefer Smith. He is a monkey.

HEINZE uses his arms more than anyone else. A referee is going to send him off for not playing football.


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