Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday 3 Jul 2005

Party day.

We met just before 8 am at Pekan Batu 14. There was only Dr Tan, Chew and myself.

We started slowly towards Pekan Batu 18. Then came Ah Tak, Kaneko and May from behind. They had started from the shop.
Ah Tak is a quiet chap, we have cycled together for years. Kaneko is a young Japanese. He has a 2 hr 45 min Marathon to his name. May is a very strong female cyclist. She can hold her own with any guy.

The group picked up speed, me and Dr Tan got left behind. I picked up speed, but not to catch the group as we have a long day ahead. The group had just arrived at the T junction, I kept on going up Genting Peres. Unlike last week, I was already panting at the bottom of the climb, never mind we'll see what happens. Kaneko and Chew overtook me, which I expected.
My time for the climb was 31 mins 20 secs. 7 seconds slower than last week. I'm trying to spin up the hill, its initially slower, but I think more beneficial in the long run. Dr Tan was not that far behind.
Kaneko turned back, so it was just Chew, Dr and me. From the bridge (Kankoi?), I actually did the pulling all the way to Kuala Kelawang (x Jelebu). Dr Tan stayed with us. We had noodles at KK, then its the loop to Broga.

The road is being rebuilt. Its bad at so many places. I walked the bocycle not wanting to risk a fall with my broken arm. It was me and Dr Tan together. We did the two hills and just before Lenggeng? it rained cats and dogs. The heavy rain stopped at Broga.

So I did the pulling all the way to Semenyih dam. I enjoy cycling with Dr Tan. We are about the same level, we both like to go far. I enjoy him sitting on my wheel as it motivates me.

At the Dam, Dr Tan pushed up the hill. He beat me a good 15 meters. He has smaller gears and is able to pedal smoothly up hills. I realised if I also sit down like him, I will loose to him.

Learning from the Dam, I stand up the hill as much as I could. It stresses the heart rate but not the thigh muscles compared to sitting. Dr Tan was behind. I went all out to the flat portion, turned on the big gear, I knew Dr Tan would be done and dusted. I couldn't hear him at all.

Dr actually fell. The tubes came out and got stuck with the brakes when going up the hill. I tried going up the hill to find him, but was too tired. I'll go in my car.
Anyway, Dr Tan came a few minutes after me.

It was about 150km, 6 HRS 42 MINS. A very good day. Next week Dr Tan go to PD (his kampong).

I saw Dr Hon when driving down the Ampang Hill. We chatted. Apparently (he started from Ampang) he was at Pekan Batu 14 around 8.15 am. He tried to catch us, going all the way to Kuala Kelawang. Then he returned back up Genting Peres. And since that "was not enough", he returned via Ketali Hill. I must have just missed him by 1 or 2 minutes. And he still has to go up Ampang Hill. So his ride (on his mountain bike) was longer than ours.

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