Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunday 24 July 2005

Party day.
It was drizzling but we all met at Pekan Batu 14 at 7 a.m. sharp. There was Dr Tan, Dr Hon (I was in good company) and myself. The plan was Titi as Dr Tan had family commitments and had to rush back by 1pm.

We started slow, just light spinning. To quote Lance "It felt like there was no chain" (so smooth). I immediately realised the benefit of my 195km weekend in P.D. Going in light gear has done wonders. That is why Lance can push it day in, day out. Going in light gears does not strain his legs.

It was easy to the T junction. Push up the hill - 29 mins 52 secs. That is a P.B. for me this year. It was just spinning the whole way.
We went down Genting Peres very slowly, roads were wet. Once it was safe and flat, speed to Titi.
Dr Tan didn't eat, he had to rush back alone (we hope he could make it in time, he did actually).
Dr Hon and me spinned to the bottom of Genting Peres. No sun whatsover (first time ever I think). 45 mins 51 secs to the top (P.B. this year). Wow this spinning seems to work.
Instead of taking the normal road back (thru Pekan Batu 18), we decided to go back by Tekali Hill. The route is much more picturesque (dam and hill) and is perharps slightly quicker. Had a good climb. Tried to go "aero" to the tebu stall. Instead of going into the car, we decided to go up Ampang Hill. I was suddenly feeling the strain and new that if Dr Hon made a move, I would be dropped. Sure enough he did and reached the top (our final climb) first. So I suppose he won.

Total ride was 5 hrs 30 mins , about 118km, ave 19.8km/hr.

It was a great ride, we promised to meet again next week.

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