Monday, August 01, 2005

Man U vs Urugawa Reds

Urugawa Reds are the "Man U" of Japan. Their jersey is so similar. Same sponsors (Vodafone and Nike), design etc. They are the best supported club in Japan, I think their nick-name is also "Red Devils".

It was a reasonable game. Man U have had a good tour footballing wise. All the reserves play, everyone is tested. Overall Man U's play has been reasonable.

The downside is Rio, Man U's rough play.

Van De Sar. Finally we have Schemeical's replacement. VDS is very experienced. Almost 100 games for Holland no less. I feel secure with him in goal.

Phil Neville earns 50,000 pounds a week. He rugby tackled a Jap player and argued with the goalie who saw it. He is good for a scrap. Thats all.

Silvestre has just signed a long term contract. So we got no choice. He is strong and fast but his play is not cool.

Ferdinand can go. Ungrateful person.

O'shea is OK as a sub, thats all. Maybe he is better in the centre.

Keiran is someone for the future. His runs down the left wing are amazing, better than O Shea I think.

Rossi not yet.

Dong really not yet.

Gerad Pique has been the revelation. He got everything in the air (vs short Japs), is cool, makes timely clean tackles, takes the ball out well. He is everything, goodbye Rio.

Gary is Gary.

Alan Smith is a worthy successor to Keane. Finally. He is combative but tends to retaliate.

ROONEY. What a lovely goal. He held off 3 players then chipped the goalie. What a future.

Ronaldo has just got his wages tripled to 45,000. He deserves it. The fans simply gasped at his touches. My favourite I think.

Enough, have a nice day.

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