Monday, June 20, 2005


Only a small party.

After last week's ride of 6.5 hrs to Titi, today was only 4.75 hrs to Janda Baik. The ride was too lovely and cooling.

The Group was Simon Cross, Chew, Leo and Loong.
Simon came from his home, he cycled an extra 56km. Leo n Loong only went to the Gap. I was last as usual with all the big boys around.

My climb to Gap was 55m 49 secs. Slow from my usual 53 or 54m (because I only cycle once a week). But my climbing and standing around Janda Baik was quite good with the squat training and aquarobics. Learning from my mistake, I drank lots of water at the break. Then managed to reach home without stopping for water, only just though.

Chew very graciously waited for me at the Orang Asli. THANK YOU CHEW.

SIMON has lost a lot of weight. The SECRET is controlling what u eat. Its very difficult to just burn off the calories. Racing n training for him gives a focus, so his mind is not looking for food to nibble. Thats a secret for all of us.

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