Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you IM Chef Rob for your kindness

Its such a warm fuzzy feeling when we go for a sporting holiday and there is someone there who is sincerely nice to us, sincerely does not want us to leave, sincerely happy to see us, keeps on saying make yourself comfortable, use anything over and over......

When we go to Perth, we have our friend of 25 years, Guy Taylor. For the Phuket Marathon there was Ironman Chef Rob (Austrian) and his Thai wife (On). They were just so nice to us throughout our stay.

We first met Rob and On whilst we shared Edwin Ng's mini bus for the Desaru Half Ironman in 2007 (Rob was working at a Hotel in KL). Then we did IMWA, Putrajaya 70.3 etc together. Rob was almost killed by a hit and run whilst out running in Thailand. He considers his recovery from his horrific injuries as his greatest achievement in life, much more than the many culinary trophies he has won.

Until recently, Rob was working at Huan Hin, Thailand. Coincidentally, just 3 weeks ago, he joined The Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas. Outrigger is quite new in Laguna, so he is helping setting up new restaurants and all that. Currently he gets to stay in a luxury Villa, so we went and messed it up ha ha.

Rob and On cycled to our Hotel in the hot sun to bring us our lunch. Does friendship get any better than that? After our Marathons (Rob had to work late the previous night)

After our runs (the ladies did the 5km charity walk)

Lunch at their Villa

Outrigger Resort and Villas

Rob and On, we thank you for your hospitality....


Simon said...

Very cool.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Simon. Not sure if you knew them. They were very nice to us. Have a nice day