Sunday, April 03, 2011

Runners with Golden Hearts (Orang Asli Trail Run)

The Special Lady with her creations Golden Heart Yin, Carrie all ready The main man, Dzul

Julie Wong and Irwan Triathletes " Orang Asli children"

Runners have always loved to run "for a cause". Charity runs are held locally all the time. Some top international events (Marathon Des Sables, London Marathon) almost insist that runners "run for charity". It doesn't take much to get runners to rally for a cause.

In our local running community we have a special lady who has been "Running For The Orang Asli" since the Shape run in 2010. She and a few runners with Golden Hearts organised the Orang Asli Trail Run 2011 that was held on 3 April 2011.

The 100 pax limit was very quickly filled up. I think all runners immediately realised this was a truly special cause. I don't think I have given up my normal sunday morning training for anything.

Cyclists are familiar with the location as its near the Orang Asli Centre. Nothing has ever happened to my car the umpteen times I have left it there. Their kids always smile, they have never given us any abuse.

We know they have chosen to live in the forests. Their chosen lifestyle, their privacy, everything about them have to be respected. We can't be imposing on them our values, beliefs tsk tsk.

My wife, Tip and her friends donated Rice, Maggi Mee, Milo, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes and Soap (requested by the organisers).

All manner of people turned up, cars with designer number plates, celebrity singers, many Ironmans, ultra runners, children, runners of different races, from Singapore. It was a happy occasion with "lots of positive vibes" (Karen).

Well done to Karen Loh, Dzul, Julie Wong, Irwan, Azhar, Cynthia and the many other organisers. Well done to each runner that came to rally to an outstanding cause.....

Pictures are by Dannie, Yim Heng Fatt, thank you

SATURDAY'S RUN: 31km (Hartamas + double hill). 3 hr 20 min inclusive of stops for steroids.

NEXT SUNDAY (10 APRIL 2011): Kenyir Triathlon

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