Friday, December 10, 2010

IMWA 2010: Post race

Lunch the day after. It was brilliant, we managed to get all the "Malaysians" over (except for Denis Oakley whom we couldn't locate). Thank you to Claris and Tip for this sumptuous meal.

Miro, Nicole (wife) and Mathew (7 months old) managed to join us to add to the happiness. We acknowledge our brilliant supporters, Claris and Tip.

Malaysia boleh man. We all finished.

Rebekah Keat (2nd Pro Female) couldn't resist taking a picture with Kevin and me.

This is the start of a Charity Mile run the day after. Contestants have to down a can of beer, run to the swim start (about 200m away) and back... repeat four times. They were panting and tipsy all at the same time. The dark chap in the middle is Gi Singh. He does Triathlons everywhere wearing that pink underwear.

After the Mile run Gi Singh (12 hrs 58 mins) had his hair, locks, moustache, beard etc. cut off for a friend who was having cancer. Gi is 28 years old and has never shaved in his life. His last haircut was many years ago.

Everything gone now, for charity

The awards dinner. We did it.

Finally we met Denis Oakley at the Awards Dinner. Denis was full of laugh and cheer in spite of his camper van having serious problems that it couldn't even move.

Tuesday we went sightseeing. First stop was the horse riding school for Melissa and Tip

"You sure the horse won't move. I have never been on one before"

Tip with the Stable Boy. Melissa is in the background.

Tip has a knack for getting along with all humans. Even the horse (named Katie) liked Tip

A natural

Yallingup Beach view point

Its breathtaking

All the pretty ladies (Melissa, Claris, May Senn and Tip) at Canal Rocks. Hold the skirt down ladies, its windy.

Still at Canal Rocks (May Senn and Ariff)

Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks

We then went to Voyager Estate that was recommended by Kevin. Nice one Kevin, the place is beautiful.

It was our utmost pleasure to bump into Mickie Shapiro and Al Tarkington from San Diego. They are both super bubbly people, it was just wonderful talking to them. Mickie is 74 years old and has qualified for Kona thirteen times. Al is 71 years old and came in 2nd in his age group at IMWA (15 hrs 6 mins).

Chatting in the cold under the huge Aussie flag (Richard, Al, Mickie, myself and Stephanie Tarkington)

On the drive back to Perth. Final goodbye to the cycling route.


Denis Oakley said...

Nice Photos Sofian. I couldnt resist driving back up the bike route either. :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes, thats a nice road Denis. Congrats on your PB.

tryathlete said...

We drove up that way as well!