Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday 1 Aug 2010

Tip was smiling (which is what its all about) with the sales of her Granola Bars. Paul Lee increased his usual order whilst TSB (I like the look of his blog. Al-Fatihah for your Papa. I am so sorry, its only now I heard about it) and Mac became first time customers. The Granola Bars are good stuff, thank you gentlemen. I guess I am the advertisement for them.

The weather was perfect, not that many people at the car park but most of our usual friends were there. I ran with John Tan.

We recorded a total time of 2 hrs 6 mins to Petronas Loop and back (1 hr 4 min + 4.5 mins rest + 58 min). This is my second fastest time ever for this route.

Then on my own I did (after 4.5 mins water stop) the 8km route in 1 hr 3 mins. So a total time of 3 hrs 14 min (including stops) for the 28 km. My PB.

I think I sort of know what to do, to not get the customary pain in my thighs. The run did not happen for me at PD, but I hope it will at the Perth Marathon.

Tip walked the double hill which is quite an effort for her. At Perth she will do the 12 km walk.

Breakfast (curry - oops) was paid for by Tip. The first time she has ever treated me using money she earned herself. I am so proud of her.


plee said...
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plee said...

You are not only getting faster but also looking more fluid with yr stride form.
I got the rest of the family hooked on the bars too... hence the extra requirement!
It tastes like moist fruit/carrot cake, fills you up and is completely guilt free!... a good substitute for Secret recipe cake(yucks)where my kids are concerned

sofiantriathlete said...

I think the light spinning on the trainer every morning makes the legs supple for running.

The Bars i think you and I know its tops. thank you

TSB said...

thanks for the well wish for my late FIL sir. he ran the KL marathon with me :)
Great granola bars too.

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow so recent. My condolences.

Thanks foe your positive feedback on the Granola Bars.

All the best TSB

Adeline said...

ooh the bars they are lovely, they taste yummy ! can i have some more sir :) love em !

btw, sofian, u getting faster n faster, looking beter in shape & fitness as well fuyoh !!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow Adeline you make our day lah. Reading my blog, say nice things.

You are a wonderful dear friend heh heh.

Are u ordering the Granola Bars (RM4 each) or what? No more freebies you know, whatever very nice things you say ha ha


Simon said...

You continue to set new PBs and inspire us all and Tip continues getting stronger and stronger as an athlete, wife, entrepreneur and nutrition bar expert. You are the Beckam and Posh of Malaysian tri.

sofiantriathlete said...

Simon ........