Monday, June 28, 2010

KL Marathon 27 June 2010

Pics will come later

It was the best organised KL Marathon ever (no mean feat that). Thank you to the organisers, SCB and the numerous volunteers (many from Pacesetters).

My wife took part in her first "race" in Malaysia, the 5km family fun run that she did with two neighbours of ours. All of them enjoyed the day out. We will try to do this more often which is much better than just waiting for me for hours.
We have a wonderful sport, its just nice to exchange pleasantries with so many of our friends. The greetings started the moment I got out the car.
Before the run: a blog reader, Wai Mun, TSB, Major Kalam & Nurina, Azmar, Dicky, Ralph Justin Dixon, Jenny Lim Kui Eng, Lyn To, AJ, Yusran, Keat Seong, Ong Boon Hin, C.K., Adeline, Paul Lee, Peter Chan.
During the run: Nik, John Tan (cheering us), Jap Sam, Ariff, Colonel Lai, Randy & Ivie & K.K. Lee, Meng (5hr pacer), another runner who also had on the "running in memory for Ngae" number, the Power Bar people and of course the many new friends we made on the run.
After the run: May Senn, Mac, Awaluddin & friends, Connie and Elaine (my wife's team members).
I wasn't quite sure what to expect before the run. The average time for my last eight Marathons was 7 hrs 47 mins. Yes I am a crap runner. But secretly, before each race, we always hope for that "dream race".
The first 20 km was fine, comfortable pace and no pain in the thighs. Then the tightness in the thighs started to come. The Half Marathon people started to come by. They were flying. I was feeling embarrassed that people I know would come storming by. Luckily the route for the runners split at the KLCC traffic lights. No embarrassment I thought.
But I was slowing down. Between 25 km and 30 km I was really slow. I couldn't find a running position that had no pain.
At the 30km mark, I made the best decision of my life. Lets throw all caution to the wind, go for broke and try to go sub five hours. So it was heads down, arms throwing and just mental tenacity the whole way. I overtook a lot of people the last 12km. It was stress and doubt the whole way. Can I maintain this? Can I get sub five? Why is the route turning left (Dataran is on the right)? I must have looked impressive to Randy, Ivie and KK. I hope they didn't notice the road was downhill at that point. I called my wife, "Sweetheart I am about an hour ahead of schedule, standby with the sarong".
4 hrs 56 mins and I could see the finish arch. Put on the sarong, ran down the finish chute pumping the heavens in honour of our brother watching, NGAE. This simple tribute actually brought a tear to May Senn. She is a lovely person and has a hip Dad to boot.
My time was 4 hrs 57 min. The finish area is always a lovely moment of our lives. There was my wife, Adeline, Peter Chan, Paul Lee, A.J., Meng, SK and so forth. We heard that Mac was lying flat out on the table and trooped over to see him.


Denis Oakley said...

Sofian - totally awesome. I am incredibly impressed. Was it the shoes? LOL.

Can I link to your blog for once we get the KL race page sorted.

BTW - i saw you at about 23km close to the sub-6 hour pacer. "Sofian" I shouted. The pacer turned round. "Sofian" I shouted louder. The pacer looked at me. You didn't budge. Drew level - whoops it wasn't you :( Red face

plee said...

Awesome! Well Done! Watched you cross the finish line sarong and all and saw the clock! Sweeeet!!pumped me up so much so that I went on to cheer other finishers at the chute entrance (a little baked now)

Simon said...

Wow, awesome time buddy, well done - you're getting faster and faster in your old age - another Peculiar Case of Benjamin Button. Sweet!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Nice to bump into you during the run sir. You looked strong n focused indeed.

Well done n congrats!

Denis Oakley said...

A friend of mine read your blog and said "Thanks for the link. I was reading his blog and OMG.......a very scary, perfectly beautiful realization came racing across my mind/heart.....are there really that many other generous, supportive athletes out there that BOND with the EFFORT not the PERFORMANCE!!! That's just crazy incredible. "

Tuan Senang Besar said...

Sub 5! Well done sir!

I can now be pleased that since I'm doing averagely 7 hours now I can be faster when I get to your age? And perhaps slimmer too? :)

Awesome feat, sir. Well done again!

sofiantriathlete said...

Careful everyone, it hasn't taken much for me to feel overwhelmed in 2010.
Thanks for the lovely words.

sofiantriathlete said...


I did get proper shoes, from the Brooks Centre at Mutiara Damansara. I let them choose the shoes.

You can link or do anything else to my Blog. You are most welcomed.

This time you have the red face. It was me at Langkawi 2009 not knowing ur name.

I didn't fully understand your 2nd comment Denis. Is there an English translation. Didn't know which post your friend was reading. He he

You take care Denis. All the best with


sofiantriathlete said...

Paul Lee,
You are a great friend to have Paul. I was wondering where you went as we slow coaches went to collect out Finishers' medals.

Take care Paul


sofiantriathlete said...

Wow Simon I am sooo honoured. Tip did see you finishing but she was not sure which distance you were doing. I understand you have an injury.
I'm not sre if I am Benjamin Button.
You take care.


sofiantriathlete said...

I told u many times u r the hero. Waiting at that run turnaround in the middle of no where cheering us slow coaches around mid-night. THANK YOU.
I already have saved your pic (taken by SK for my next post).
U R the hero.


sofiantriathlete said...


Thank you TSB. Congratulations.


RaYzeef said...

congrats on sub 5 achievement..

i enjoyed reading your blog:)

nice meeting u at the padang merbok car park, glad i spot the right sofian else i'be red faced..he he

tryathlete said...

well done sofian! congrats on the sub-5. and thanks for keeping me going out there. i had lost motivation when you went by and told me to keep on going. thank you very much

yipwt said...

congrats sofian...that's an awesome PB

Emma said...

Hey there,
As I mentioned yesterday, outstanding result. It's what we call hurrying slowly...all good things come to those who wait.
I would also like to say a BIG well done to Tip. It was her first race? Fantastic. It has taken a while but I think she may have finally caught the bug ;)

sofiantriathlete said...

Nice to meet you. You told a bold risk, it was so dark in the morning. he he

All the best for IMWA.

My all time PB was around 3 hrs 33 mins in the mid 1980s. Then got foot injuries in 2002. That sub 5 beats my next best time since 2002 by more than 2 hours. tq