Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another nice Sunday morning

I think the trick to having a wonderful morning is to greet everyone on the run and clap them too. They will reciprocate, it will make their day and it makes our day too. Definitely my favourite time of the week.

Before our respective runs started, there was a group photo (where is it Juliana?). There was AJ, Kam, Juliana, Sam Pritchard, Carmen, Bee, Chris Khrang, Mac, Adeline, John Tan, Lee, Jenny Lim, Wai Mun, Gane & brother, Lawrence, Paul Lee, Don Khor, Meng, Ralph Dixon, Denis Oakley and many familiar faces either at the car park or running. Because of a common hobby, we have been friends for even up to 25 years.

Our first customer, Paul Lee. Thank you kind sir.

RALPH JUSTIN DIXON & Marathon Des Sables
I have known triathlete Ralph since the nineties. He is a corporate big wig now (gosh what happened to me). Its been nice to watch his athletic progress from initially being a newbie with Coach Chan to his outstanding performance at the recent Marathon Des Sables. Ralph's MDS blog. Ralph is now a regular at Bukit Aman on Sunday mornings.

Now, wait for this..........You know how much he collected for charity.....RM250,000


28 km. 3 hrs 21 mins versus 3 hrs 18 mins last week. One more run next Sunday, then its KL Marathon baby.........


john cooke said...

good luck for the marathon. You can get in touch with me when you come over for the city to surf. Will love to meet up again.Will send u me mobile when you get over.Or you can give me a call at the office 08 93399653
Do you know what is happening with IM Langkawi .Is it definitely off next year?

plee said...

Love the taste of the bars! been mulling the idea of having them with nutella or maple syrup to tempt the kids but now I am gonna keep them all to myself..yumm! And no them as they are!!

sofiantriathlete said...


I will reply to you on your blog


sofiantriathlete said...

Wow, you have been such an amiable customer. Thank you for your niceness and kindness. My wife will be very happy. This is the beginning of a 25 year friendship, ha ha.

Have a nice day.