Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All the best to Denis - EVEREST Marathon

Well liked "local" IM, Denis Oakley will be doing the Everest Marathon on 27 May 2010. He will be leaving this Saturday and only returning early June (details). Obviously this is not the KL Marathon.

I first met Denis during IM Langkawi in Feb 2009. It was very embarassing for me as Denis had taken the trouble to know my name (and kept on calling me throughout the race) but I couldn't reciprocate.

Denis is well liked by all Triathletes and has very good constructive ideas for the benefit of the sport. He would be a good person to represent all Triathletes should race organisers ever want our feedback. Denis is also doing IMWA 2010.

From the Gingerbread Man blog

From the race web-site

We wish Denis all the best. May he have a safe trip.


Denis Oakley said...

Sofian - that's so cool. I am totally embarrassed. Really. :)

If you or anyone else wants to b with me in spirit during the race - send me a photo to oakley.denis at gmail.com and I'll print them out and take them with me for a pre race photo at Everest Base Camp.

Not sure how I can deliver on this but it would be cool if I can :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Have a nice day Denis.
Come back safe for IMWA

jonie said...

I saw the Everest marathon before when I was trekking back from Everest Base camp.. looks super cool.... anyways.. anyone doing the Kinabalu climbathon?

Denis Oakley said...

Too easy ;)

Well I'll have a go and see if I can improve on last years DNF.

Stupe's also going

is it cold at base camp? Any advice?

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow you two, I am so honoured.

Gosh JONIE, what else have you been doing? Yes Denis does Mount Kinabalu. The person that is so enthusiastic every year is Yusran Yussof (+6017.8860913).

Our incredible ultra person, Yip Weng teik (I have linked to him as one of my favourite bolgs) did this in such cold conditions last year.

Er Denis, I presume Everst is quite cold. Sorry I'm being silly.