Thursday, March 04, 2010

I got nothing better to do

The Japanese cheered everyone - thank you
I am so proud of you Jap Sam
Pic by Tey - thank you
Waffle and Ice cream inside
A very well done May Senn, see you at IMWA
Storming Kevin Siah - hope he will do IMWA
Congrats Elicia - official last finisher (my usual placing)
OP Chan
Robyn Stanley - Hawaii bound
Got a rollicking from his wife for DNF. Will withdraw his EPF in 2011 and do three Desert Races
We burst into song each time we crossed. Don't matter the lyrics were wrong.
Buddy Chee Kai Mun
She came back - thank you
Hee hee
Mitch (thank you) and Halim (thank you)
He was beaming
Bye Simon
Simon's coming
First met Robyn June 2007, Bali Tri. Now I see her and Daryl everywhere
Langkawi regular. Gentle giant from Thailand
Bunny Kar Yan
Yip storming
Kimiko 10 hr 26 min. Fastest female runner
KK Lee - saw him everywhere
Sexy Chris
Gane's vociferous support for everyone. Thank you
So proud of you Jap Sam
I didn't get to speak to Belinda Granger - aw
Big boy - thank you
Normal size -thank you
Not even taking part
Party animal Halim. The funniest person there.


TSB said...

congrats sir.
sorry i couldn't be there with you this year. i was tracking you online :)

sofiantriathlete said...


Dancing Ciken said...

your last pics, very cute... peeping something? muahahaha

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes I agree Jaja. Standing beside Halim I did not stop laughing for one hour.

You must be due very soon. Good luck

yipwt said...

love the simon's's like...I've done my heading home..see ya..

sofiantriathlete said...

he was storming Yip

K3vski said...

IMWA yes yes seriously considering. Will sign up closer to the closing date. All the best for IM China! Enjoy the trip!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Kevin,
I think you are back in Msia during the IM China weekend for a wedding u were saying.
The IMWA web-site so lousy!!!
No confidence when u look at it.