Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Training Round Up (13 Dec - 3 Jan 2010)

13 Dec (Sunday)

I resumed training (after IMWA) with the std 20km (19.2 km ?) run. Time taken was 2 hr 38 min vs 2 hr 25 min exactly one year ago. Not a good sign, but I was stirred up deeply that day to up the ante for Langkawi.

Monday to Thursday (17 Dec)

Was quite good as far as weekdays goes. Tried to go on the trainer in the mornings and swam a bit after work. Max was 1 hr 45 min in the morning and 3km swim after work. I was now accustomed to waking up at 4 am.

Long Weekend (18 - 20 Dec)

This was 2 weeks after IMWA. Litmus test weekend. If I have a reasonable weekend, I will do IM China.

18 Dec (Friday): Joined IM Ade Lim, Mac, Luvis, Fadil, Ming Jin riding to Lukut. I started from the house. Lots of stops and waiting but it was a recovery ride so I needed the rest too. 155 km.

19 Dec (Saturday): Joined Ade, Mac, Kenny Kwan, Debbie do the Broga loop. 138 km. Ok, I felt fine so it should be alright to do IM China.

20 Dec (Sunday): Back to earth with a very loud bump day. Took me 1 hr 45 mins to complete the 10.8 km double hill. So its going to be very much touch and go whether I can complete IM China. Simon, Don Khor and company were doing double 20km that morning, so inspiring to see them come back to their respective cars for a swig of water before heading out again.
21 Dec (Monday) to 24 Dec (Thu): The weekdays were tough going. Still not recovered properly. Twice I went to the pool all dressed to kill, but headed home at the first cool breeze. But I was rested for the xmas weekend.
25 Dec (Friday) to 27 Dec (Sunday)
Xmas Day: In line with the spirit of the day a small group of us did the Fraser Gap loop (195 km). Leonard had his santa hat, Ade had her antler head gear. The ride was non stop laughter.
We were supported by the nicest, most helpful and knowledgeable person I have met in sport (Mac). Girls know his good qualities and he is always surounded by a bevy of them.
Going up to Fraser Gap, a motorist told us a tiger was on the prowl. That kept things interesting.
From KKB thru Batu Caves etc was absolutely harrowing. A car came by so close to me on the narrow but very fast Ulu Yam road, that I had flashes of doing an Emma with the side view mirror. I am not going on that road again.
We all got back to the start point (near UIA somewhere) after 6 pm in very good spirits.
Boxing Day: Was a working day and a rest day for me. I went to Simon's house for a gathering of Triathletes and like minded people. It was a very nice gathering, my kind of get together. Carmen made very nice vegetarian Japanese fried rice with ikan bilis. Someone silly brought chocolates err, it was me. I was surprised that the pot luck food was very good. Randy Tan was in his element firing away the best jokes (making fun of Simon) that I have heard for a long time. The get together was "just nice".
Sunday (27 Dec): I did my favourite ride ever (Orang Asli to Bentong to Gap and back exactly the same way). 206km. Being alone, stops were minimal. Back at 5.45 p.m. SMS Mac and Ade of my deed.
Monday (28 Dec) to Thursday (31 Dec): Can't remember what I did.
I Jan 2010 (new year's day): Did my favourite 206 km ride with my favourite company (just me). On the way back I met nine people who were training for IM MY. They only went to Raub but I beat them back. They went ballistic with joy when they saw me doing my brick run (9km) as they were coming back from their ride. Yes, 206km ride plus 9km run, my most notable training to-date. IM Hoo SMS me that i was nuts. I love it when another IM tells you that you are nuts.
3 Jan 2010 (Sunday). Did my favourite 206km ride with IM Ade Lim. She is strong. Stronger than me. It rained all the way to Bentong and more. I was miserable, but she loved the rain.
Thats four 200km rides within two weeks, including one 206 + 9 km brick. Now lets see how the rest of January goes.


K3vski said...

Wow, that's some solid training. Now I'm getting some nerves.

sofiantriathlete said...

Kev, I think you are more of a natural athlete. Your workouts are of a much higher quality. You going just above 11 hrs last year was amazing.
Happy training

Emma said...

OMG...having a tough few days here in la la Emma Land and you have once again made me smile. I am totally jealous of your long rides...I am still only doing short stuff - except for the swimming. Can someone tell my coach IMMY is actually rolling round quite soon!!!
Guess he knows what he is doing though...I hope (she says fingers crossed, rosary beads in hand ;)
Good stuff Sofian...keep it going.

sofiantriathlete said...

It always make my day to read your comments.

That ride (hoa - bentong - gap & back the same way)is really a most pleasant ride. Not sure if your top coach would count it as training.

Hope you like the x mas day ride post