Friday, January 08, 2010

Training Diary (Monday, 4 Jan to Sunday, 10 Jan)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 50 mins trainer (what a waste, didn't sleep well)

Wednesday: 90 mins trainer. 30 x 100m swim

Thursday: 70 mins trainer (again wasted, didn't sleep well)

Friday: 90 mins trainer. 2 hrs 2 min swim in apartment pool (what can I say)

Saturday : 87 mins trainer. Its a half working day. Also going to visit Mum in the afternoon.

Sunday: 205.74 km bike + 6 km brick run. The sun came to play. The bike I did "as fast as I could". Gosh I caught a group (except for one person) that "only" did a flat 170km to Raub. All of them beat me at Putrajaya. I was my usual "not moving" mode on the run. It felt so difficult going up the slope, I was sweating profusely and felt so tired. So turned back after 3 km.

Total hours: 19+

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