Monday, January 25, 2010

18 Jan - 24 Jan 2010

Monday: 45 mins trainer

Tuesday: 1 hr 43 mins trainer + 3 km swim.

Wednesday: 1 hr 40 mins trainer + swim 1.2 km

Thursday: 1 hr 22 min trainer + swim 54 mins

Friday: 1 hr 36 mins trainer. Worked late, no swim.

Saturday: 1 hr 36 mins trainer. 26 mins jog. 3 km swim

Sunday: 206 km (9 hrs 6mins) + 10 km (1 hr 13 mins) brick. Started at 7.22 a.m., finished 7.10 p.m. (no sun). Made peace with tiger.

Total training hours for the week: 22.5 hours (being slow helps)

Training (just about all of it done alone) has exceeded expectations. Seven 200km rides (including 3 bricks) since Christmas. The body seems to be holding up well. No injuries, no colds, no punctures, no attacks by the hundreds of monkeys (yet) or humans, resisted the temptation to join friends, only one close shave with a passing lorry.
Just three more weeks of proper training to go before the two week taper kicks in.

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