Friday, December 11, 2009

Paul Shearer

We were watching the news on Oz TV when suddenly our mate from the early days of Triathlon in Malaysia made headline news here in Oz. You read it yourself why.

In the early days (1989) of Triathlon in Malaysia, top bragging rights was slugged out by 15 years old Martin Hagger, Razani and then 17 years old Paul Shearer. Paul lived in KL and Spore. He introduced and sold to us Zipp wheels, the bikestream drinking system, Profile water bottle cages, essentially the latest tri gadgets. That time being single, I bought everything.
Paul worked with Joo Ngan (the shop then was at Pertama Kompleks) for a number of months. He was fun and friendly with everyone. We loved his 17 year old brain, it was about the same as mine. He trained like crazy, going up Genting every other day, racing his bicycle with the other Mechanic (who was on a motorbike) home after work, often sleeping up on the shop's ceiling due to tiredness.
The best thing about him was he had a serious crush for a certain Malaysian lady cyclist (SEA Games medallist). Being only 17, he told us all about it and we all urged him on, it was hilarious. Until one day he said, "she's married". So that ended. Aww.
Anyway he is 38 years old now, its sad what has happened. You are still our mate Paul.

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