Wednesday, October 07, 2009

That Race

The image of the race
The most beautiful race location
Can't run but its fun
Hi sweetheart (oh its not you)
Kort & Sandy's
Cycling road looks the same
THE CULPRIT !!!!!!!!!!
Like Daddy like Daughter -incredible
My trophy
I can't run anymore
Thanks everyone
I wasn't third
It was a fantastic race location. We are blessed with the numerous photos from well wishers. Thank you especially Bro Tey, Stupe, Ish, Patrick Foo, the wife, Luvis, Lyn.


plee said...

Nice report!Pictures worth thousands of words! You still a champ in my book!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Paul

Abu Soffian said...

Like Sofian like Abu. SofianPower = AbuPower

sofiantriathlete said...

Abu is power!!!!!!! Family too.

Cheong said...

I was not a participant but regards to 1 of the pix "The culprit" bike course sign. Could you elaborate how did the sign cause the confusion with the bike course? Seems pretty "straight" forward right?

Tuan Senang Besar said...

well done sir.
sorry i couldn't be there racing with you but i wasn't around.

hopefully i get to do that next february :)

sofiantriathlete said...

tq TSB. We will see you in February.