Monday, October 26, 2009

A poor man's trip to Perth

This might be useful if you want to go to Perth on a budget.
We were lucky to get MAS return tickets for RM1,000 (its not available now). After going to so many races on Air Asia, travelling by MAS was like going on a Rolls Royce. The seats are bigger, proper food is served, bikes are not charged extra etc.
Unfortunately I couldn't do the same for IMWA. I also made the "mistake" of booking the going and return flights separately (Air Asia) and the return ticket per pax is now RM250 + RM1,300. It would actually have been cheaper to book return tickets in one go. Bike charges still not included and the food and seats on Air Asia are rubbish.
Our top of the range room at the YMCA cost us AUD60 per night. I have never seen a room so small. For RM180 in Malaysia, you could get a Palace. Anyway we slept well and I found the people there all to be friendly.
Another budget alternative is the YHA.
There are Asian restaurants /groceries close to the YMCA. The race site, CBD etc. are all just a short walk away.
Overall I find racing in Oz to be a very pleasant experience. Aussies are generally friendly people, they leave a place clean for the next person, speak the same language we do, so no problems..

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