Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watching M U in Malaysia - the surprises

  1. The full stadium was essentially red. Malaysia took the trouble to dress up for the occassion.
  2. The fans in red saved their loudest cheer for the Malaysian goals.
  3. The most popular player was Michael Owen.
  4. Most fans came very early and did not leave early too.

Hello AFC - Asia does not want Man U ??
Hospitable Asia

Best player: Malaysia's No.17 (two very well taken goals)
Best Man U player: Patrice Evra (lightning quick & slick touches)
Still long way to go: Ben Foster (great in the warm up but looses composure during the game)
Best defender in the world: Rio Ferdinand (cool as you like)
Best United forward: Rooney, Rooney, Rooney
Lost his touch: Paul Scholes (gave the ball away all the time)
Still can't shoot: Anderson (but passes alright)
What a waste of money: Bebatov (lazy bum)
I won't see the Monday game as this Triathlete sleeps early.

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