Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekly training round up

25 to 31 May 2009

It was a low mileage week, we have to be honest and still report it.
Last week I was on the trainer or road every day and injuries on the feet and knees started coming. So this week, we didn't touch the bike at all. I only did two swims of 2.7km and 3km between Monday to Saturday. The body was feeling tired.


Went to Lake Gardens a bit earlier than usual (5.30 am). There were still a lot of cars. Runners are definitely a disciplined lot. Getting up early every Sunday for years on end is no mean feat. A number of the runners were people I ran with when I started in 1984. We would meet at the same car park. Nowadays I run alone though, as I can't keep up with anyone, Ha Ha.

It was slow to Petronas (1 hr 11 min vs 1 h 5 m on a good day). I have not done any running for a few weeks, so it showed, each step didn't feel right. Took the drinks / gel, tighten the shoe laces (its important when one is wearing orthotics) and the steps then felt fine. Doubled back and went around the Inland Revenue Kompleks and back to Petronas. I like to greet everyone as it helps make our day easier. It was a trick I used at Langkawi 09 to great effect. I thought I was having a great day. Unfortunately, after the second Petronas stop, I suddenly felt heavy, the steps were not coming anymore. I felt so guilty, everyone thought I was doing 30km or something.
I took the cab back to Lake Gardens. They are so convenient.
Many many runners on the road. Most were doing more than 20km. There was a group of your day to day veteran ladies. Well they made it. Don, Abu & friends, Sam, Carmen, Randy, Gane, throngs of Pacesetters, May Senn, Kam, two lady friends and for the first time Mac and Big and Easy were there. It must be their longest run ever, especially for Big and Easy . Well Done.

One person that wasn't there was Simon. I wonder what happened?
Looks like I have to do running every Sunday now. We loose it so easily. Its easier to get back our cycling but not running. The coveted cycling tan will have to wait.
Spent the rest of the Sunday basically sleeping and still managed another sleep from 6pm to 5 am. We are tired.
P.S. 1
Ngae was there running in his sarong only to Petronas. He just had brain surgery, he really should rest.
P.S. 2 (the fastest Mechanic in the west)
Did anyone see how fast Menchov's mechanic replaced his bicycle this morning. He has definitely earned his wages.
Menchov is a "matter of fact" cyclist. No fanfare, does his job, gets back on his bicycle without any outward show of emotion. He only lets it all out after he has won.
Watch the replay on Astro and don't blink.


Simon said...

Very bad day yestederday - recovering from a friends 50th that saw me get to bed at 3:30am - oh dear! Long run this evening instead.

sofiantriathlete said...

Good reason Simon.
Thank you

kev said...

Yes, your regular greeting at Langkawi 09 made my race easier too!

Relax lah, we have our off days sometimes.

sofiantriathlete said...

I am so excited I want to tell you a secret, thanks to some info I got from your blog. But ITU have to approve it first. Ha Ha
Anyway u now don't owe me anything since the info I got from ur blog was priceless, if it works out.

kev said...

I think it's not much of a secret, hehheh.

All the best. Since I've decided not to go for it, hope it works out for you!

Tuan Senang Besar said...

big and easy yearning for more on a new shoe too! thanks sofian!

it was not mac's first time. and he is steadily quick too.

menchov is a true cyclist indeed.
and he didn't need domestiques to win the maglia rosa! just a mechanic!

sofiantriathlete said...

Take it easy, Big and Easy