Sunday, May 03, 2009


This time I woke up feeling absolutely fine. Had raisins, papaya and honey.
The car park at Bukit Aman was absolutely full and it was only 6.06 am. Said Hi to Sam and Emma and off I went alone. It was choc a bloc runners. I kept to my pace and tried to stay in control. Reached Petronas in 1hr 7m vs 1h 4m on a good day.
Had my drinks and headed back. It was a slow start. Thiang/Gane/KKLee were going into the sunset and for some funny reason I decided to "give chase". They actually went even further away. The weather was the most perfect for running I have come across. I actually did the return in a PB of 1h 4m. Had my drinks and thought I could do another round just like yesterday. Well it lasted only about 500m and i turned back.
It was thus a very good run for me. The thighs did not ache, the heel pain actually was not there. Wow things are looking up.
Had a short chat with IM Ultra YipWT and IM Fong.


kev said...

Good running, Sofian. Are you doing the SCKLM?

sofiantriathlete said...

Kevin. I think I might (top secret) since I seem to be able to run without pain nowadays.