Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday's effort

Sunday (26 apr 2009) was just about two months after IM MY. This was the first time I did not feel sick or lethargic. I have done two 100km rides (HOA - Bentong) and maybe three 20km runs since IM MY, but all of them I simply felt awful.

Today it was with new cleats, higher seat position etc. When I went to fix the cleats, they said the position was messed up. Well they do have some kind of device to check the cleat position.
The ride was HOA-Bentong-HOA. The dogs and the long tailed monkeys didn't bother me today. The menacing looking short-tailed monkeys were not around.
The ride was good. 4 hr 36m (100km) on the meter vs 4h 59m the two rides previously. The high position and new cleats does seem to give you power. The right leg felt perfect (no knee pain), but the left leg position was still not right.
It was disappointing that I still was uncomfortable in aero position. Still much more tinkering to do.
Finished the ride at 12.19 pm. Put on the running shoes and ran in the direction of GS. It was a slow run due to the hammering on the bike. 44mins to reach the 5km turnaround that I had targetted myself. No monkeys at all in sight. They must be worried by the even bigger monkey plodding on the road. The run back (downhill) took 36m. It was hot at times, but I didn't walk, not one step. Total run time for 10km was thus 80m.


yipwt said...

hey...glad to see you on the course.
sure feels bad after IM...that's why we need another IM.

sofiantriathlete said...

HA HA yes, we need another IM.

Ngae said...

Hi Bro: Hope to do the Putrajaya Half Ironman. Slow race cos I can bike until probably near then. Run will be more like race walk. You will beat my time. I just got time to search and see all postings concerning my op. Thank you for your postings and the messages from you and Tip. My regards for both of you and be seeing you soon.

sofiantriathlete said...

Take care lah Ngae. Don't rush yourself.