Monday, March 30, 2009

Ngae in ICU

I was told to inform triathletes and friends that IM Ngae is currently (Monday, 30 March 2009) in ICU at Sunway Medical centre. Its something with the brain.
At the moment he is recovering from the brain Operation.
His normal room no. is 2306 , 2nd floor, Sunway Medical Centre

You can call IM Dr Tan at 012-2840062 if you wish


Anonymous said...

Hi Sofian!
First of all, congrats to IM Langkawi, well done!

Secondly, please send my regards to Ngae. I hope it is something not too serious.

Here in Sweden spring is slowly approaching. I´ve been cycling outside only one time since we arrived. Really nice, although a bit chilly (approx 4 degrees). Thermo knickers and long sleeved wind proof jacket is still a must. Thank god for the trainer. I work it 4-5 times a week.

Take care!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Nicklas,

Unfortunately for Ngae its quite serious. They are waiting for some test results whether its cancerous.

Wondering how you were keeping. Do you "facebook". I think if u entered "Sofian Triathlete" should be able to find me.

Best wishes to your family.
Sofian and Tip