Sunday, March 22, 2009

IM DINNER / Steve's 20th Birthday

Pardon me, it was actually Steve's big 20th birthday party
IM Steve, IM Puzi, IM Karoline and many others went to a lot of trouble to organise this IM Langkawi celebration dinner at someone's swank bungalow located at the Monterez Golf Place, Shah Alam.
IM cookies. Lots and lots of food.
Ironman style decorations everywhere. Someone put in a lot of effort
The best company in the world - fellow IM athletes. IM Yee Sze Mun did his personal best at 72 years old, won his age group and has qualified for Kona. IM Abu, IM Yusran.
IM wives and Queen Kona Carmen, Malaysia's champion again.
IM Randy and Ivie. IM banners and bicycle providing the ambience.
Banners everywhere, "goodie bags" for all.
Others there were IM Julie, Dino, IM Major Kalam and family, Laif, IM Azmar, IM Yip, IM Shazly, IM Kam Kasturie, IM Ariff, IM May Senn , Allauddin (PCC) etc.

The biggest laugh was talking to Yip about his running exploits. We were all in awe of him but he was very humble and unassuming about it all. Read his blog if you still havn't.
Everyone raptly listening to Yip

Thank you very much to Steve, Puzi, Karoline. A very big team has put in a lot of effort for that dinner.


Keat Seong said...

where on earth did the IM cakes come from???? :O they look great!!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes, they put in a lot of effort. From Kona I suppose (its a copyright logo). Will post a few more pics from Steve tonight.

Anonymous said...

We not only put in a lot of work we also thought thru some new creative ideas to make it theme party. Unfortunately time limited, so the food took priority, which I trust all enjoyed in great quantity. The IM(TM) brownies are trademark Karoline, not some greedy Florida WTC monopoly!.