Thursday, January 01, 2009

1 JAN 2009 RIDE

Happy New Year

Firstly I was inspired by Old Putera (means ex Royal Military College boy) AJ's post of the Broga loop that he did a few days previously. Everyone has the utmost respect for AJ cos he doesn't wear specs (sorry cos he is a little older than us but beats us all flat).
His average speed for the Broga Loop was 25+km/hr, which is totally beyond me but he got back "only" at 1.30 pm, that is a possible goal for me.
The stats:
I left (alone) Pekan Batu 18 at 7.14 am versus 7.08 am by AJ.
I got back at 1.37 pm versus AJ's 1.30pm
Average speed was 22.2km/hr versus AJ's 25+km/hr (mind boggling)
Distance 136km
Cycling time: 6 hrs 8 min versus AJ's 5 hrs 20 min
Stops: 14 mins at Petronas versus AJ's 60 mins total
Total time: 6 hrs 22 min versus AJ's 6hrs 20 min
Of course I couldn't match him but "WHO CARES"
The group that I was "supposed to cycle with" left Pekan Batu 18 at 8 am and only got back at 6.45 pm. Someone very kindly gave all 20 of them breakfast but later they were involved in a peleton pile up. Mac's report.

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