Friday, December 26, 2008

Training roundup

12 weeks to Langkawi, 13 Dec 08 - (1 week after IMWA)
Sunday morning from Lake Gardens to Hartamas Petronas and back (20 km). Slow (one week after IMWA) but did not walk. 2 hrs 26 mins total time. Bumped into people training ardently for IMLKW: TTH, Power brothers (Abu and Kodi), Yusran, AJ and a Malay girl. Did a few days on the trainer during the weekday mornings.
11 weeks to go (20 Dec 08)
Saturday was a fun ride (80km) from the house to Batu 18, Peres and back to the house. Paced up Peres with Dr K (33 mins). The heart was absolutely pumping at the top, got to watch it.
Sunday was the usual 20 km run, 2 hrs 23 mins I think. I think the sunday morning run will be a permanent feature for IMLKW as my run is very slow. Still feeling slightly lethargic so did not do the morning perk me ups on the trainer. Did do one 1.2 km swim at Bukit Jalil (26 mins).
X mas day ride
Broga Loop from Tekala rest area and back to the same place. A big group with support vehicles in tow. 116 km, 5 hrs 16 min. Lots of photos taken by Jaja.

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