Friday, December 12, 2008

Race day - Run

I am always useless on the run ( a number of 8.5 hrs marathons in my resume) and it was no different this day. This time though I was having the time of my life, with all the adulation accorded to me by spectators and participants.

I started the run plodding slowly, thinking I would pick up speed later. Everyone else seemed to be going effortlessly. The first two women were simply flying (the first winner has a super bum). The crowd seemed to cheer more those who are doing their best slowly. I ran (plodded) the whole first lap (14 km) in two hours. I knew I couldn't get a PB then, in fact my thighs started to tighten up ( a perennial problem) and I walked almost the whole second lap in more than 3 hrs. I suppose I am just not made for running. Absolutely everyone overtook me.

I didn't want to have another 16 hrs 50 mins. For some reason, the crowd gave me a second wind at the last turnaround and I just flew the last 6 km determined as hell to dip 16 hrs. No stopping at aid stations. My supporters jokingly told me to slow down as they had to get to the finish line before me. FINISH CHUTE
I ran down the finish chute with my wife holding the Malaysian flag. My wife who is normally adverse even to walking was able to keep up with me. The finish was for my wife (a simple Thai Kampung girl who has dutyfully stood by her man every step of the way). She has not known an occassion when throngs of spectators rise to cheer.


I rested all of ten minutes then went to collect my bike, transition bags and went home.


Stupid_O said...

sofian...nicely done at busselton. maybe one day i'll get there.

John said...

So touching... always good to have a supportive wife.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Adzim and John

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing the Ironman! Good on ya!

Azman Muzaid

sofiantriathlete said...

alamak man.
u r still reading this.
thank you

Anonymous said...

No worries mate. Keep up the good work! :)
I'll be going back to KL for a couple of weeks, inshaAllah. Maybe we can catch up(for old time sake).

Azman Muzaid

sofiantriathlete said...

where r u .
My home e-mail is,
h/p is +6012-2826227