Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busselton Diary - Saturday

Morning was spent buying only essential items from the EXPO. All the bicycle gadgets are too expensive for me.
Team Malaysia (Koh from Kulim-sub 12hrs, Ken, Gane and Me-the slowest)Look at the little aussie girl
Bike check-in started from 1 pm so I went for a mid-day one hour ride on the course by the sea and thru the forest. My average speed was 25.3 km. The route was beautiful, pristine forests and the local Shire of Busselton had done up the roads as a long term commitment to the race.

STRESSFUL PART. Getting the bike and run bags right is perhaps the most stressful part. Do we have the gels, run belt, race no, shoes etc all correctly done.

Dinner was at the Esplanade Hotel just opposite the Ironman Village. I met the race official from Langkawi who keeps on telling me to hurry up to meet the run cut off. He and other total strangers wished me the best for the event the following day. The friendship that the Ironman forges is simply incredible.
Ironman is not a tough event. It creates emotions, forges friendship, feelings of mutual respect and satisfaction not found anywhere else in life. Man I love the Ironman.


Anonymous said...

nice pics. more?

sofiantriathlete said...

yes, pics are being uploaded bit by bit