Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It was the name of one of the many pump up tunes blaring from the houses along the run route.

Every single Ironman I have done (this is number nine), I end up plodding soon after the start of the run. My run split for IM WA was 7 hr 50 min consisting of 2 hrs (Lap 1), 3 hrs (Lap 2) and 2 hr 50 min (Lap 3) i.e. I am super slow on the run, even people with blisters breeze by me. It is a beautiful run route, along the sea, beside swank holiday homes, flat (many many flies though).

But, I was made to feel like a stud, a star, a champ. Pretty girls were looking at me like I was the one that gave them so much pleasure the night before. Everyone (young, old, children, teenagers) were saying I was "looking good", "go champ", "good work", "good job", "Malaysia", "Mohammed". It was a fantastic feeling which simply is not available in Malaysia. Thank you Australians for being so nice to me, for making me feel like a million bucks.

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