Saturday, November 22, 2008


Day 57, Saturday. I woke up feeling so groggy and I thought, Oh no I'm going to have a lousy day. Actually I had a reasonable day.
  • 30 mins on the trainer in the morning, half asleep
  • 30 mins run during the company's morning aerobics. It felt comfortable, Ha Ha
  • 3km afternoon swim at PADE Shah Alam. My swimming is still way off. There is a Swim competition going on for the kids. They swim very well.

Day 58, Sunday (back to earth with a bump)

Run at Lake Gardens. The run started all right, then at the hills around the Duta Complex I started to get into trouble. I knew my time was numbered. Got to Petronas in 1hr 6 mins. The return was just plodding. I didn't want to be a hero like a few weeks back, I struggled back then and the thighs ached for a good few days. I took the taxi back from the Duta Hockey Stadium (RM4.20). Many runners at the car park commented that I got back very fast. Sorry it was the taxi folks.

We all had a good laugh over TTH's speeding ticket.

Day 59, Monday. 40 mins on trainer (felt good).

What should one do in the last two weeks?

Unfortunately I have no idea, thats why my times are so bad. I think I will do lots of light spinning on the trainer. It seems to do wonders. Its not stressful on the legs, helps with the running and is convenient to do. Perhaps the next time I hit the road will only be at Busselton on the Thursday before the race.

I have neglected my swim. I'll start tonight. Unfortunately, I skived the swim and went straight home.

Day 60, tuesday. Swim at Shah Alam in wet suit. 3.1km - it felt such an effort but OK

Day 61, Wednesday. Nothing. Wanted to swim. Went to Shah Alam but the outdoor pool is now closed and the indoor pool is used by the swim team (6 lanes), and a million people on school holidays. So this place is out for the next few weeks. Drove to Bukit Jalil but by the time I got there the counter told me I had only 20 mins to swim. I think I will join the swim class that so many triathletes have joined since they don't have to follow the opening hours.

Day 62, Thursday. 35 mins on trainer. Managed to swim 1.8km at Bukit Jalil before the siren went at around 7.20 pm. That water was so cold. I wonder how I will survive treading in the Busselton sea before the cannon goes. I think I will join the Power Swim mob soon. RM30 per session, so be it.

Day 63 Friday. 25 mins on trainer in the morning.


Emma said...

I thought you were joking about the taxi! Wish you had stopped and picked me up! Enjoy winding down and just keep the engine ticking over gently. Good luck.

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha ha. Thanks for the advice on tapering. All the best to TTH (what a great bunch).