Monday, October 27, 2008


1. Simon's wet suit.
Its a bona fide Ironman suit, without sleeves, size M, still in very good condition.
Pros. It fits, putting it on has to be done very gingerly.
Cons. Bouyancy is much less than the full sleeze type wet suit. There was significant chaffing around the neck after only 10 mins, but this can be remedied with lots of vaseline or "BodyGlide"
Overall it will do.

2. Neoprene suit, which I bought on the internet. It has sleezes, size L
Pros. Buoyancy is incredible, doesn't feel like swimming at all, its cheating
Cons, it seems to be leaking (because its slightly too big), but still buoyant. It presses against our Adam's Apple (very scary feeling).
Still more testing to be done

3. Buy the official wet suit at Busselton two days before the event.


kev said...

Hi Sofian, I'm an avid triathlon enthusiast - Malaysian living here in Perth. This forum is a good place to look for used stuff, prices is A$. There was an ad just posted on wetsuits this afternoon.

I would lend you mine, but I'm a size S.

Keep up your good training! I won't be going for Busselton, but I'm down for Langkawi 09!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hey great to hear from you.
I have seen ur face pic somewhere, maybe TTH blog (I will check). See you Langakwi 09. Graet to hear from u


kev said...

Ya, my profile pic appears as a follower of TTH blog. Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Here is the correct one:

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes I have read ur blog too. Triathlete by dawn etc.....