Wednesday, August 13, 2008



I haven't done any cycling or running since 27 Jul 2008.

I think everyone knows I have problem feet. My very flat feet are very susceptible to foot injuries. I've had heel pain since 2002. The fasciia at the bottom of my feet is "gone", which means I don't have spring in my steps amongst other things.

Both my feet were swollen after the Miri Tri. After PD, I couldn't even stand for a good few hours. The weekend after PD (27 Jul), both my feet were swollen after a simple bike ride. Thats when I decided to do "whatever it takes" to sort out my feet.

My employers provide very good health benefits, so on 3 Aug I decided to visit Damansara Specialist Hospital which is frequented by so many Triathletes. The Doc I was referred to is a nice friendly chap, great Ferrari fan and supports the "enemy".

The x-rays clearly confirm I don't have heel spurs. Surgery is thus unnecessary and is even not suggested as it would weaken the fasciia.
"I will give you the best steroids in the country" is what he said. So I got jabs in both heels. He said do absolutely nothing for two weeks. I was actually mentally ready for much worse.

I have missed two weekends of cycling and my feet feel much much better. I am not depressed, quite contrary, I am enjoying my new found rest. Last Sunday, I spent the whole day watching the Olympics with only a 90 mins break for a lunch time swim in my apartment pool. Funnily I have no problem swimming in the sun, but its a different matter when it comes to cycling. Even though it is only a small apartment pool, it has provided me much pleasure. Even just staring at it is thereupatic.

My office is near the PADE Shah Alam Pool and the pool is in "excellent knick" nowadays. So I go swimming there almost everyday , about 3km each time. Its thus not quite the end of the world.

The initial plan was to start using the trainer in Sep and only hit the road in October (two months to prepare for Ironman WA). Perhaps I should only start on the trainer in mid Sep so as not to rush things. One run two weeks before the Ironman should be enough, I think to finish in 17 hours.


zebrallini said...

You jumpa Dr Rozman kat Damansara Specialist ka?

sofiantriathlete said...

siapa dia?

dia ok?

saya rasa ok lah

Dancing Ciken said...

glad to hear some news from u.

get well soon

sofiantriathlete said...

23 aug.
ur man has confirmed

Anonymous said...

who is "enemy"?

John said...

Get well soon. Do more swimming to maintain your fitness.

sofiantriathlete said...

"enemy" is LIVERPOOL FC lah. The Doctor studied at Liverpool John Moores University according to a cert on his wall. Stupid fellow.

Otherwise he is great

sofiantriathlete said...

thanks John.
See u on 23 aug

zebrallini said...

Dr Rozman fixed up my hip :) ... wit just one injection .. not EPO eh.

then when Azim pi jahanamkan lutut dia, I rekemen dr rozman N he fixed up Azim's lutut as well :)

i rate him highly ... ur in good hands

zebrallini said...

Dr Rozman ekceli saved me :)

sofiantriathlete said...

I googled his name and found your posting on ur hip injury.

I am very excited, my heels now also very much better. No wonder he undestands the mind of the Ironman athelete so well.

We can marry him. Ha ha

eh 23 aug? why did not reply my sms?

thank you

zebrallini said...

... terus i google Dr Rozman N carik link to my hip injury posting hahahah

sorry forgot to reply .. yes am coming insya-Allah wit Bacin :)

sofiantriathlete said...

ha ha
ok cu