Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic thoughts

Well its the greatest sports event on the planet. I should give my two pennies worth.

I suppose sports fans never had it so good. It was on umpteen channels, same time zone, the best organisation ever, camera shots never seen before, seamless transition bewteen scenes, world records, upsets, doping, whacking the referee (Tae Kwan Do).
Since I am laying off training, I saw quite a number of my favourite events live.
Mens Cycling Road Race. All of it was live on TV. I was surprised to see so many from the Tour De France taking part, including Jose Serpa from our Tour De Langkawi. Almost 7 hours of gruelling cycling. I was most impressed with the Swiss Bronze medallist who alone chased the leading pack. Schleck was kicking himself, he was already clear away but the leading pack did not work well together. That swiss chap also won the time trial (no wonder he could chase the leading pack alone).
Women's Marathon. It was on the same time as the Sprint in Desaru. I could recognise a number of faces from the London Marathon. Popular Ratcliffe was not in top condition but gamely carried on. The Romanian decided to go for it and ran alone about 1 min clear and won. The others ran in a pack.
Men's Marathon was just now. Again many familiar faces from the London Marathon. Pity the guy who came in fourth, he was leading than third for a very long time but then was very tired in the final lap in the stadium. The Marathon was the only event in the stadium that morning, but it was absolutely full with spectators ?? The road was clear, no way a spectator was going to block a runner.
Usain Bolt. My vote for Athelete of the Games. That IOC Head should resign for his stupid comments. The crowd and me absolutely love Bolt's antics. The IOC Head, FIFA Head and the Asia Football Head should all resign for being the most stupid people on the planet.
The 100m is the Blue Ribband event of the Games. I was so fortunate to watch this live and his 200m and relay world records. All the runners appear stressed except Bolt. Asafa Powell looked especially worried before the 1OOm final. Did he use one of the 100,000 condoms given out free.
Not only are the Jamaican Men the fastest in the world, their women came in 1,2, 3 in the 100m. Alas their third runner in the relay went off too soon together with the British runner. The Jamaican women are black and beautiful heh heh.
Talking about the women's 100m relay, the most beautiful girls are the German first runner, Campbell from Jamaica, the last Russian runner is the all round winner though with her long legs and bum. The one with the nicest bum is the Brazilian Gold medallist in the long jump and the silver medallist. We all know about Yelena the World Record holder in the Pole Vault. I saw the world record live, it was nice to see her covering herself with the blanket and talking to herself just before the run in.
We are men, what do you expect. Oh I've got no more Olympic thoughts.


John said...

You're spot on especially on Usain Bolt. It's such a delight to watch him runs and I'm glad I get to see the fastest human being in action in my lifetime. God knows who else can beat his timing?

sofiantriathlete said...

Yeah John, it was amazing we could see someone showboating and still do a world record for 100m