Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ties with old friends renewed thanks to this Blog

I am new to blogging (less than two weeks).
Already the satisfaction that has been derived can't be quantified.
My old friends have contacted me.
My MBA classmate now living in his native Norway.

Our german cycling buddy in KL now working in China. So he has shared his cycling photos and also knows what his old cycling group is up to.

He is a nut now in Australia

My former Pacesetters running buddy. He has his own blog and is doing great.
And, I found out from his blog that our old running buddy (Jenny Lim) is in Hospital, knocked down whilst running. I will visit her this afternoon.

Dr Rick must be the most "cycling" person I know in this world. He is CEO of a satellite company and goes all over the world with his bicycle. Hundreds KM on consecutive days is nothing for him. But no trips to Malaysia for the moment.

Person/athlete extraordinaire. I met her in 1996 at the Gold Coast and we have kept in touch ever since. She came to Msia to do the Ironman in 2004. She takes the trouble to maintain friendships and knows athletes all over the World. I wish her well.


John said...

I'm pretty sure I'll frequent this blog. Thanks for sharing with us your interesting training activities.

Coach Lisa said...

Don't forget me! YOur old Oz training partner and fellow MBA.
I have a bunch of my athletes on this blogspot and review it for coaching.

Glad to see you in the blogging world.

You will connect with friends lots more and we will get to see your training escapades!