Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phuket Marathon Race Report

The tag line for this race is "Run in Paradise". I can assure you its totally true. "I will come here every year until I die" - Khairul Anuar. Don't play play, this race is something else.

We first came to the Laguna Resort in 1994 for the inaugural Phuket International Triathlon. I was so impressed then, it was the first time the top top Ironman stars came to our part of the world. I had never been to such a luxurious resort, gosh you could even sleep in the bathroom. Before the tag line came along, I knew this place was just paradise. Now 17 years later, it is still very much a paradise.

The air-fare then I think was RM1,000. Maybe eight of us stayed in one luxury room. But the travelling world has changed since, with the Air Asia Marathon Mania package, its just RM700 per person for the flight, airport transfer (a whole van just for us) and 3 nights luxury accomodation. For Irwan Anuar, his flight (RM238) was cheaper than the entry fee (RM300). It would be a huge mistake to not utilise this Air Asia god-send.

I would say just stay within the luxurious Laguna Resort, don't even bother going out to Patong. I have taken up meditation for a number of months now and I tell you, whilst at the Resort, you don't need to meditate... Peace and Tranquility comes to the Here and Now almost immediately everywhere. The clustered mind unfortunately came back at the busy Phuket Airport ha ha.

Sim from Hong Kong. 7th overall. 3 hrs 5 min. He was so far in front during the race. I didn't know he was a star. View from our room. Peace and Tranquility everywhere

My secret target time
This is the pool (Laguna Beach Resort) that Mark Allen, Mike Pigg, Wendy Ingraham, Paula Newby Fraser, Paul Huddle, Karen Smyers were messing about in 1994

Before the start

At the finish with our new Japanese friends
Yim and Rich Chai (runs barefoot) Seriously, find your wife here


Khairul Anuar (did a PB)
No mosquitoes

Resort food after the race
Deanna Fuller, she will take the Asian Tri World by storm (a very nice person)


Sam from Spore


Free boat rides

Will you marry me (the wedding chapel)

Heck, no time to write the race report hee hee


IJAM said...

good..umm..report mr sofian..
now all i have to do now is 4:30!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Great to meet you and your wife Ijam. Congratulations.

I've just completed the full written Report. Will post it this weekend.