Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno 21km

Overall the Bareno Run was a very nice experience. We hung about for a good two hours after the run to enjoy the atmosphere of 5 or 6 thousand runners mingling. The race organisation and location was good, we met many of our friends, just my performance was a debacle. I bonked big time and was even walking. Don't matter ........

Three of us wore sarongs in honour of Ngae (IM Juliana Ali, Yim Heng Fatt and myself).

IM Don Khor, Choo, Chin, IM Jap Sam (his family in Japan are all safe), IM AJ

Richard Tang and Claris (ran 21km - well done) will be going to IM New Zealand (Lake Taupo), that will be held in March 2012
IM Ezer and David (David has been away for 8 years)
IM Raymond Ng

Dannie Choong with his signature pose

Our outstanding protege OP and IM Chan Jun Shen. After 4 years at our alma mater (Royal Military College), he has stayed another 4 years now at the National Defence University of Malaysia. Our hats and everything off to him.

These are students / cadets of the National Defence University. All are from my alma mater (except Kak Julie of course). Its heartwarming to note that many Ironman Triathletes are from my alma mater (Royal Military College). I was the only idiot together with the Sg Udang Commandos doing Triathlons initially.


Simon said...

Oh no, you bonked!!!! When I saw you, you were looking amazing, just flying along. Mind you those hills were shockers.

Looks like you had a great time anyway and that's what counts.

Always good to see you there.

Well done.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

now u are not alone sir. more and more OPs coming in. =)i will be in this camp for 9 years. it is this sport that keep me alive in iron river. haha

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Simon

Its always nice and heartwarming to receive kind words from you.

You did 168km averaging 35km/hr on saturday right. Amazing.

I underestimated the hills / run, went too fast, had the wrong dinner and was empty very early on the run.

It was a wonderful morning though. Take care and all the best Simon.

Sofian and Tip

sofiantriathlete said...

OP Chan,

You are an outstanding advert for RMC and Triathlon. Funny also. ha ha

Enjoy Iron River, enjoy everything

OP Sofian