Friday, December 10, 2010

IMWA 2010: Pre-race

Kevin took us to Subiaco Market when we arrived. You can see that Richard eats right, that's why he did 11hr 3 mins.

Unpacking done. Richard & Melissa Gaudart

Goofing with Nik Ariff. The 12 meters no drafting zone is a long distance.

Race registration

Timing chip's alright

It was brilliant. We were always eating home cooked food. L to R : Kevin, Richard Tang, Claris (Richard's wife), Tip and Melissa (who did most of the dishes this meal - Saturday lunch)

Bike and Run Bags checked in

Sight seeing at the Busselton Jetty.

Richard devouring the Athlete's Guide. He is very meticulous in everything. Thus gets his due reward (11 hr 3 mins).

Saturday dinner. Proper home cooked food, thus we all did well. Thank you to our lovely ladies (Melissa, Tip and Claris)


Perfectionist said...

Ha ha ha, my wife always complain that I'm too meticulous on everything I do until sometimes drive her up the wall. Well I'm a perfectionist :)

sofiantriathlete said...

You are the man Richard. You did very very well.

Anonymous said...

Congrate to all IMs..cheers


sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Brother Tey.
You are the best