Tuesday, September 07, 2010

AUD $27.99

A downside of racing overseas is the lack of photographs. When in Malaysia Tey alone provided 7,000 pics for IM Langkawi. The recent PD Tri, I didn't bother going through all the photos because they were just too many.

In Perth, Mohan the Great and Pui-San raced with a digital camera. They posted many nice photos on Facebook.

I am embarassed to say I paid AUD 27.99 for these few measly photos, ha ha.

Running through Kings Park (20km to 30km)
The first half of the race by Swan River (flat)
We had good company

Last 10 km was hilly

Last push to the finish banner


plee said...

Quite a good price for the photos
(nice ones too)! I like the sprint action just before the finish line... reminds me of the Six Million Dollar man in action! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you and Tip!

sofiantriathlete said...

Paul, the price was a "two day special offer". Yes a good price.

Thank you for the Raya wishes. Best wishes to you and your family too.

Sarong for the Newton?

Puisan said...

you PAID for the pics?
aiyah...you should have just run really slow with me and mohan and you've gotten free pictures!!!