Friday, May 07, 2010

IMWA course changes - yipee

WTC has informed us:


Start where we finished and end where we used to start. Thus, the jetty will now be on our left (my breathing side). Yipee


Now at Signal Park, behind the Equinox Reataurant and not at Barnard Park like before. Much nearer to where we will be staying (we are staying in town this time). Yipee.


No change. Still the totally flat 3 X 60km laps. Yipee


4 laps through town (Queen Street). So convenient for our supporters, they can sit at the teh tarik stall (or whatever they call it there). Near to the house. Lots of supporters. Oh no I will miss the flies so prevalent by the beach. Yipee


On Queen Street. Can walk straight home. Yipee.

The Downside

Carbo loading and awards is still at Barnard Park. My missus can't walk that far. So get a lift from Miro or Kevin, yeah.


K3vski said...

All change for the better eh?

I was just thinking not sure if it will be worth it to purchase an additional ticket for the carbo loading dinner for non-participants. Maybe they would like to have their own makan session? Just a thought...

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes the changes look good.

The carbo loading is so awful Kevin. I got food poisoning due to the milk products.

We sort of have to go because they introduce the foreign athletes. Last year all the Malaysians did not turn up. We have to think about this