Sunday, May 02, 2010

1 May - a very bad DNF

Don't read, it wasn't a happy ending.

I have been a bit ill and missed some training, but I thought I could make it up with a 258km ride (house to Bentong to Frasers Gap and back the same way).

Left the house at 6 a.m., (its very nice to cycle in the still of the morning). I was going much slower than usual, felt lethargic and the mind games (should I turn back?) started very early in the ride.

But this is what its all about. Lets push the envelope and see what happens.

I gave myself a treat after only 77 km (Bentong)
I love the route

This very friendly chap from Raub (just like Kevin) wanted to give me a lift, show his car engine etc. Sorry buddy we are on a mission today.
Fraser Gap was full of people (half way? 129 km)
180km, I treated myself the same thing (all was to come out)

I thought I was "doing fine". Slow, struggling but what the heck. I got stung by an insect (I think this was the cause of my predicament) as I was approaching Janda Baik. I started to bonk, felt very itchy, goose bumps and other bumps started to appear. I knew I was in quite serious trouble, I stopped at the Janda Baik junction (208km), slept on the road, the head was spinning, I thought I was going to pass out. Can't let that happen, struggled to where the cars drove by, one luxury MPV stopped and actually accepted me.

He was a Driver. He was actually annoyed with me. He was also in a big rush, needing to go to the Seremban Highway. The luxury vehicle flew down the Karak Highway. I unfortunately vomitted everything that was in me. It was all over my cycling gear and shoes and unfortunately all over this luxury car too. I was disoriented trying to apologise profusely to the Driver.

He dropped me at RHB Bank at the Kampong Pandan roundabout and demanded RM100 to clean up the mess in the car. I gave it. But I was still not feeling well, its only 5 km to my house but I could not risk cycling home.

Normally I would call my wife, but she has gone home to her folks. No taxi would take me with all the vomit on my clothes. Hmm I don't know many people do I, called Nancy Yeoh (wife of Datuk Ng Joo Ngan). She sent her mechanic (THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH NANCY), so he got me home. Showered and went to bed. I do miss my wife, she excels at pampering me when I am down.

Now its the following day, Sunday and I am quite fine, thank you. Hee Hee


plee said...

Goodness gracious! good to know you are safe and OK! Allergic reactions seem to be more adverse at elevated heart rates... mebbe i shud start packing anti-histamine from my rides..!

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha ha, Hi Paul. With hind sight it might actually have been Food Poisoning (head was spinning, want to lie down and vomitted everything out).
What is anti-histamine? U too educated.
Thank you

plee said...

I am not too educated lah.... a hypochondriac mebbe!?!

Anti histamine are those cold tablets (also found in cough medicine) reduces inflammation of tissue, itching. The normal cold tablets make one drowsy so i take those that don't).

This are also used for allergic reactions(rashes etc..)I hv have pretty sensitive skin. 4-5 hrs of sweat and I hv a rash that lasts for weeks.

The brand I use is Telfast(not drowsy). Keeps my nose from dripping on the bike after swim...... BUT I am NOT a Doc. I experiment on myself. I always use sparingly and in case of situations only....

AND if blood/urine tests ever become mandatory for age groupers in races .. well this would be a banned substance( like cough mixture, and in some cases a Strepsil)

sofiantriathlete said...

OK Telfast (Fexofenadine) is used for runny nose and itchiness and is non drowsy.

Take care Paul.

Cheong said...

Hey Sofian. Great to hear you're OK. Looks like you had a Hari Buruk instead of Hari Buruh.

I can relate as I kena before. So now when I go for long rides (depending on distance), I would pack (in ziplog bag) 2-4 slices of sardine / tuna sandwiches or bananas - place in my back pocket jersey. I avoid eating / drinking at the road side eateries for fear of food poisoning. I know its a hassle, but I have sensitive stomach.

Anti histamine works well for allergies and I normally pack them for my travels. I have not use them during training bcoz the ones I use are powerful & drowsy. It works fast & I rest after taking them. No stunts.

Emma said...

Glad your ok, sounds like we both had 'eventful' weekends!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Cheong. Well if two people mention anti histamine, it must be correct. Guess I am stupid, never heard of it.
Thank you, take care

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Emma.

You take care now.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks everyone. At that time it was quite serious.
Luckily I did make it back and have recovered substantially after 24 hours.