Monday, March 15, 2010

IM CHINA 14 March 2010

Priceless, priceless, priceless. JURGEN ZACK people,

Small world. Malaysia boleh bike mechanics.

The lovely and most gracious BELINDA GRANGER.

Whit Raymond (he actually lives in San Francisco)

Registration was super smooth

Sort of a swank hotel
The beach is not swim able

The Japanese gentleman has done 64 Ironmans
Pro Jocelyn Wong (Emma's friend). Very very friendly. Provided the "entertainment" during carbo loading. Unfortunately I saw her slumped over her handle bars at 55km. She was pleasant even then. Very gamely finished the race.

Tinny Tung (Race Director). Beauty and brains.

Carbo loading

Walter is from Florida
Classiest samurai ever, HIROYUKI NISHIUCHI. Still held no malice. "I just have to try again". Raced with his wife.

A very professional Race briefing given by Whit Raymond, Jurgen Zack, Ian Adamson (seven times World Champion Adventure Racer) etc.

The incredible volunteers

Lothar Leder (still the Ironman World record holder I think but dnf) and his wife Nicole Leder (2nd IM China 2010). Emma can actually outride Nicole.

So happy

Belinda's ride (red Ceepo)

Chris McCormack's ride (he dnf)

The very obliging Chris McCormack (very long list of achievements)

The incredible volunteers. All from Hainan University and many could speak English. They went all out to please us

Garth Barfoot, the oldest participant.

Miro (he did very very well)

Very very well done Simon

Hoo and Ong (they took care of us well)

The organisers let us go five at a time every few seconds. It worked, no chaos

4 laps

Carmen (dnf). Had a good swim and bike.

Simon, incredible effort

This was the fastest I went

Nandu River

Finished, enjoying our Pizza (Thanks Hoo and Ong)

Whit in the background

At the airport. LUKE McKENZIE. A very very affable person


Emma said...

I know I could not have raced the full. And I know the half would have been risky. But now I see your pictures I am SO JEALOUS :(
Super congrats Sofian - that was not an easy thing to do and it looks like prior to the actual race day there were plenty of smiles all round - awesome stuff :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Emma you are more than 5 hours ahead of me (it used to be less than 5 hours, I've gone backwards) Pls don't be envious of little me.

It was a COSY race. Not many participants, all staying at the same hotel. So very easy to rub shoulders with anyone. Many are going on to Aviva. Now I'm jealous of you.

Hee hee

yipwt said... pic with macca...

congrats on another IM :P

sofiantriathlete said...

I offered to pay for Macca's snacks at the airport as he didn't have the currency. He declined as "he had friends coming" .

heckler said...

Nice Finisher Medal... very tribal feel. Like your pix with Luke [nice T and the lady at the back too]