Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Hawaii Roll Down

It was the first time I ever witnessed the Hawaii Roll Down. Its when a lot of disappointment happens. The proceedings were chaired by Graham and Ross. "We will give the slots to the automatic qualifiers from 12 noon to 12.30 p.m. They must be here to receive it, if not we will roll down their slots at 12.45 p.m.", is what Graham said.

The class of Hiroyuki Nishiuchi. "Two slots are normally available for the Pro Men. However WTC has a new rule requiring the second placed person (Hiroyuki - 8 hr 50 min) to come within 5% of the time of the winner. As the second place person did not meet this, the second slot is not given", said Graham. The audience gasps. Hiroyuki stood up (I was surprised he understood English), politely acknowledged the audience and walked out. What a class act (rather than picking a fight), he received the loudest applause.

Barry Lee, 2nd 18 yrs - 24 yrs (10 hr 23 mins). Did not turn up because he was not accepting the slot. No problems there I suppose, Barry consciously "did not want to go".

Muhammad Abdullah (Wong Ah Thiam). 10 hr 8 min (winner 35 - 39 yrs). He was there, he accepted the slot. Please take note, he got it because he won his age group.

Heidilee Muhammad (Dino). 2nd, 25 - 29 years, 10 hrs 44 min. Two slots were automatically given for this age group, but Dino wasn't there. When they first announced this at 12.05 pm, it didn't dawn on me to look for Dino. At about 12.20 p.m., Simon Cross realised that we should look for Dino. We only had Julie's number. Anyway we called her and told her to find Dino ASAP, he has 10 mins to turn up.

Dino turned up at 12.38 p.m. He was driving to the airport. He gave up his flight and pleaded with the officials. They told him he was late. They had given his slot to the next person (who happened to be there) at 12.31 p.m. rather than wait until 12.45 p.m. Dino was distraught.

Who was to blame. Dino or the WTC officials??

Carmen and Sam went to the officials' table "What about the slot for the first Malaysians (which had been given since the first race in 2000)". It was then they found out the slots for the first Malaysians were no longer given. I just can't put into words the disappointment on their faces.

I spoke to Ross after, he said "its not given elsewhere, it was never promised. Chandran should have announced clearly that there were no automatic spots for Malaysians".

I guess I am gossiping, as I have nothing better to do now.

Future of IM MY:

(Normally they would have announced the dates by now.) I have been reliably informed the Ironman next year is on. Its not going to be at Kuah Town, maybe Pantai Cenang (where the Swedish lady died from a jelly fish sting) or some other place.

The race will be owned by WTC and Datuk Chandran. Dato Seri Ram is out (advisor only). Same as for Putrajaya 70.3.

For me, any Ironman Race in Malaysia is fine, even a very badly organised one.


plee said...

Hmmmm...Real tough. Am sorry to hear abt taking away the slot for 1st Malaysians.

I'm with you on the last statement.

Emma said...

sometimes change is good and the ruling while perhaps not fair there is a time and a place for these things. I sincerely hope Malaysia gets to keep her IM and I hope it remains in Langkawi. Yes any race is better than none...but why settle for okay lahhh. If we want the race to happen, lets bloody support it with all our hearts. The support on Saturday was unbelievable, I was touched beyond belief at the extent to which some people went to shout and cheer and snap a picture. Despite being unable to stand and enjoy my finish I did manage as promised to get back to the finish line at the end and see the final 90minutes of the athletes cross the line. The energy was amazing, I still felt pretty sick but happy, passionate people can lift even the weakest of bodies. I was proud to cheer you guys over the line, Malaysia is my home it is my home race. I may not have a PR but I do not need a piece of paper to tell me what my heart already knows. in the words of my mate Freddie - The Show WILL go ON, and go on and up it WILL. Watch out IMMY 2011!

tryathlete said...

Change of venue for next year's race? Interesting. I may have to consider changing my mind about not doing it then...

K3vski said...

Oh my, it gets juicier and juicer! Poor Carmen! Race organizers of Malaysia, what the hell are you doing?!

Anonymous said...

Why Datuk Chandran didn't said SORRY to First Mas in men n women,especially make wrong statment in pre race press release.Except Hafiz Wong won his age slot.

A lot of weak point need to improve..although it enter how many yrs ? aiiii


sofiantriathlete said...

thank you very very much for your photos Tey.