Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"We may race alone, but we are never alone". From our own Paul Lee.

You all had me in your hearts. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (don't cry Sofian):

  1. My wife
  2. Emma
  3. Simon, Ong, Hoo, Carmen & Miro
  4. Sam Pritchard
  5. Robyn Stanley
  6. P M Tey
  7. Paul Lee
  8. Peter Chan
  9. OP A.J.
  10. OP C.K. & Jaja (just delivered a baby girl - congrats)
  11. OP Stupe
  12. OP Chan
  13. OP SK
  14. OP Upiq
  15. Abu Power
  16. Juliana Ali
  17. Denis Oakley
  18. Kevin Siah & Li Ann
  19. Mac & Adeline
  20. Richard Tang
  21. Mon
  22. Yip
  23. Dr Tan
  24. K K Lee
  25. Ivie Ong and Randy Tan

Many life long friendships forged. With this we end our Chapter on IM China and the current list of races.


K3vski said...

*blush* thanks for the mention.

Great race report on the previous post. Yes, definitely a race to consider for the future (if there is one then). 3 IMs in less than 4 months. Words cannot describe how amazing is that feat.

See you in Busselton, if not earlier!

plee said...

Tks for sharing the adventures!! Seems all the summer season European IM events sold out anyway...... so RnR time..

peter chan said...

sifu, what a marvellous few months you have had with the races. well done, brilliant!
and what a wonderful record this blog has been ..... great job.
for the past few months i have been coming to this blog almost daily, seeking inspiration and info, on the long journey to that first IM :) if your name was sofia, instead of sofian, i would already be in trouble with the wife ;)

Humble Instructor said...

Thanks for the note Sofian. In fact it should be the other way round, I should have thank you for your advice and inspiration.

I don't know how you did it, but you have been very consistent with your race. Not about the timing, but I'm referring to your consistently happy with efforts you put in to your races and the result really shows.

Abu Soffian said...

Now I want to call U SIFU!
Sofian...U memang BEST!

Anonymous said...

abu :betul. sifu. i da ckp da in d previous post..when i grow up i wanna be like Sofian :)

sofian : and yeah, actually missjewelz hiyah blushin too la :) Thank you :)

kev : i nearly forgot that part..3 IMs in 4 months...!!

sofian again : thank you again brother. (ok, i hope dis wont make u feel old ok.hihih..)

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

wish to finish 13 Ironmans by the age of 50. i want to beat u OP sofian=p haha... u're my role model sir=)

sofiantriathlete said...

You all don't make me cry, please.

The Editor said...

Thanks sir for the mention ;-)

Anonymous said...

ok, so did u cry...?