Friday, December 11, 2009

IMWA - friendships made (and lost)

Robert Czeshka (13 hr 49 min) and his Thai wife "On"
We first met Rob and his wife when we travelled together to Desaru 2007. That was his first Tri. Whilst training for IM MY 08 in Thailand, he was seriously injured by a hit and run. His passport certified him as a "disabled" person and he lost his job as a Chef at a top KL hotel.

Luckily he had a good insurance policy and was able to have numerous operations from top sport surgeons around Europe. It was a one and a half year rehabilitation process, getting his senses back in his fingers one at a time.
Well, look at him now, he is an Ironman. We got along very well and enjoyed each other's company. Rob is now back to working as a Chef in Thailand.
Cort Prois (10 hrs 10 mins), his wife Sandy and daughter Madison.
Yes, he did 10 hr 10 min. To my knowledge that is the fastest by anyone "from Malaysia". Only Elmar, who is a full time Pro has gone faster.
Cort (an American) and his family very sportingly marched under Malaysia for the Parade of Nations wearing our sarongs, T shirts and waving the Malaysian flag.
Sandy has a wonderful friendly personality and the loudest cheering voice in Triathlon, she cheers absolutely everyone. With her around, you can be assured of a good time. Sandy is part Thai.
I baby sitted Madison for 20 mins, what a handful.
Thank you Cort, Sandy and Madison.
Miro Blanarik (11 hr 19 mins) and his wife Nicole
Miro is from Slovak (formerly Czechkoslovakia) and works in Malacca, so he trains alone there and has cycled all around Malaysia. He races all over the world and took part at the 70.3 Worlds at Clearwater.
Miro has registered for China's Great Wall Marathon in 2010. He is looking to selling off his wife's air ticket cheaply as she now can't do the trip.
Miro and Nicole sportingly paraded under Malaysia.
John Cooke (12 hr 31 min)
Wow that was an outstanding time John, well done. John (Singaporean) is Kevin Siah's friend and lives in Perth. I first met him during the LDWC race itself. Well done John, it was a pleasure to meet you.
Jo Nie (13 hr 56 min)
She has such a lovely happy personality. She was happy to see my Msia race outfit. "Hi, where are you from. I am an Ipoh girl. I have many friends in KL What's your name again. I stay in Singapore now. I want to take your picture (whips out a digital camera). Eh do again, just now the sun not right. Say cheese. OK."
She said all this as we crossed paths on the run. What a personality.
Tip (my wife)
Who did everything magnificiently from beginning to end. She waited by the road (most of the time alone) throughout the race.
Jason Shortis (8 hr 37 mins, 49th IM finish)
My hero triathlete. He always has a smile for you and always obliged for my photo requests. At IM MY 2006, he cheered me no end as I finished last.
Linda (an official)
She was so cheerful as a road marshall during the run at the LDWC. Again at IMWA, she has provided instant cheer to everyone with her bubbly personality. Thank you Linda.
A tall lady participant
Whom I first met during the LDWC. Thank you for always smiling and being friendly. I was too shy to even open my mouth to find out more about you.
Gina Crawford (9 hr 16 min).
Broke my heart by marrying Mr Crawford.
All the Malaysian participants
They couldn't be bothered to turn up for the Parade of Nations after I told them to turn up and had bought the cheapest T shirt from Central Market. Malaysia was represented by its expatriates. I was the only Malaysian for the Parade and also when they announced Malaysia during the Carbo loading. How embarassing.


K3vski said...

Okay, okay. Next year when(if) I'm going for IMWA, I'll join you in the parade of nations, okay?

Seriously considering this race next year, but would have to give Langkawi 2011 a miss then.

sofiantriathlete said...

heh heh. Was not refering to you Kevin..
They still have not announced next year's race??.
Can do both IMWA and MY lah.

Very sorry did not try to have dinner with you. Leaving tmw very early. Take care, don't go Margaret River too often. Too much wine and flies haha

ahmad fathi said...

Well Done!!! awesome report on the race.

Will surely put this race in my calendar next year.

btw, in terms on logistics, is it easy to get to busselton??

sofiantriathlete said...

Its about 2 hr 15 mins from Perth. The organisers do provide buses from the airport or city to race site.
Or rent a car.

john cooke said...

great report tried to ring you on the mobile to meet up in perth
hopefully will be able to meet up again

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi John,
I tried sms u and Kevin from Perth airport but it didn't seem to go through.
You had a great race. Well done.

jonie said...

hehe... nice to meet u too!!! the pic is in FB!! go look it up!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Jo Nie. I am going to loose to you again at Langkawi, ha ha