Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forever indebted to Ivie - IMWA

Ivie Ong ( Mrs Randy Tan) took some beautiful pictures of the race. She is a good photographer. I am especially indebted for the sequence shots that Ivie took of "my hero" (Gina - the lady champ) overtaking me on the bike. I didn't even know Ivie was at the exact spot or taking pictures. Thank you Ivie, I will treasure the pictures forever.
Warm up - the beauty of the race location

Gina bearing down
Gina blazing by
Happy that my wet suit, that I only used once 17 years ago (yikes), has been used to good effect by Randy (1 hr 4 min swim). Brokered by TTH
The bike
Chef Rob goofing, you are now IRONMAN

The wife especially likes this one


Emma said...

Couldn't agree more Sofian...Ivie has a talent that lucky for us she shares by snapping pictures of us during the races.

sofiantriathlete said...

Happy holidays Emma.
See you at IM China, yep I'm going.

Squirrel said...

Thanks guys... More rooms for improvements but when the weather is good, sceneries are great, pictures most likely turn better too!!

Wah, IM China....

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank YOU Ivie. You should turn "pro"

Emma said...

Your going to China too...COOL :) Happy Holidays to you and Tip too, will see you in the New Year x