Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lost the wallet but got it back.

All the big boys were back at the car park this morning. Whilst there was no sarong entertainment, I did manage to loose my wallet (panic) but got it back.
In my haste to block out negative thoughts after the 20km run, I even managed to block out thoughts of my wallet after I paid for the drinks. I left it on a table. As I was enjoying my second run in the beautiful weather, I suddenly realised my wallet was missing. Panic, panic, panic.
Ran back to the first nasi lemak stall at the car park. It wasn't on the table, but the lady stall owner had it. She profusely refused any reward. Nevertheless I gave a token amount.
When growing up, these nice people who help others for no reward were a dime a dozen in Malaysia's rural areas. But with development, I've not really came across these type of people. Well its good, they are still around and I will do my little bit to help others for no return in my little way.
I don't think I have seen so many Triathletes at the car park/running this morning:
Simon, Emma and a large group of fleet footed expatriates.
The people going to Busso in three weeks (KK Lee - very cheerful, Gane, Li Sar Oon - she trains very hard, Randy - flying away).
The people going to Busso next year (Ariff and May Senn).
Mac and Ade Lim. Kay Hassan. Raymond Tomato man, Mitch Looi, Ultra Yip. Power Abu (very long run) and group. Mr Chan and his group, Kevin Chan. Kona Carmen. Sam Pritchard in his sling. Lee, John Tan, Adam, Ngae.
No wonder we all love going to the Lake Gardens car park on Sunday mornings....


Emma said...

couldn't agree more sofian. Yesterday was a nasty nasty run for me but I still can you not when so many friends are out there enjoying and sharing the the early morning chorus with you :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes Emma